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In a series of quarterly, high-impact learning events, Accelerator gives you tools, knowledge, and skills to grow your business to more than $1 million (US) in annual revenue. This comprehensive program also connects you to the most influential network of entrepreneurs on the planet. Through the multiple learning and networking opportunities Accelerator provides, you sharpen your skills both as an entrepreneur and as a leader.

Participant Criteria

Sounds good — right? But the actual results are even better. In Accelerator’s first year, ten participant companies reached that $1 million milestone. They credit the tools, learning, and connections made through Accelerator for helping them achieve this goal.

To qualify for the Accelerator Program you must apply before your 47th birthday and be the owner or founder of an operating business with gross annual revenues between US$250,000 and US$1 million.

What is the Accelerator Program?

The Accelerator Program is educational content focused on four key issues faced by first-stage entrepreneurs: strategic planning, sales and marketing, human resources and finance.

As a participant in the Accelerator Program, you will:

If you are accepted to the Accelerator Program, you will receive the content to grow your business and the context to learn from others who have faced similar opportunities and challenges.

Explore this website to find out all of the details on the Accelerator Program - and apply to become a participant in the Accelerator Program near you!

Eligibility Requirements

Currently, the Accelerator Program is functioning in several cities throughout Canada and 36 in North America. A maximum of 30 participants will be allowed to participate per city.

To qualify for the Accelerator program you must:

To apply for admission to the Accelerator program, you must:

Pricing and Payment Options

Tuition for the Accelerator Program is currently US$2050 per participant for the 1st year and US$1800 for the second. This fee grants you access to four quarterly learning events as well as numerous networking opportunities with your peers. Upon acceptance into a local Accelerator program, these fees will be pro-rated from your start date through 30 June to align with a 1 July to 30 June fiscal year.

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